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Edgecombe County has many tourism assets that offer a variety of opportunities for leisure and recreation. Dr. David L. Edgell, Director of the Institute for Tourism at East Carolina University, said that “rural travel destinations still offer the most diversity in beauty, experience, culture, heritage, and service.” We have ecotourism including fishing, hunting and boating. We have many heritage and cultural attractions including registered historic properties, the Historic , the , the Veterans Museum, , and Quigless Clinic just to name a few. We also have scenic landscapes, a sports complex, ATV parks, the new , a public golf course, many great events and festivals, and a vibrant main street corridor. People come from all over to get a taste of Edgecombe County living, and many find it hard to leave.

If you are new to the County, come and visit a while. See that we have whatever you want. Whether you want to relax or get out and have some fun, it’s right here in Edgecombe County. If you are a county resident, get out and rediscover what’s right at your own back door.

For information on other attractions in the area, go the or the . You can also read about a great driving tour that highlights the beauty of Edgecombe county on

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