Economic Development

Small Business Development

In the new global economy where industrial recruitment is fiercely competitive, Edgecombe County leaders realize the importance of growing our own jobs through entrepreneurship and small business development. Our goal is to create a culture that is supportive of entrepreneurship and will allow small business to start and expand.  

Why Small Business Development?

Small business accounts for nearly half of North Carolina’s workforce (96% of businesses have 100 or fewer employees, 77% have fewer than 10 employees). Businesses with fewer than 50 employees in North Carolina's rural counties created 26,760 new jobs between 1998 & 2002.

Half of all fortune 500 companies started from a home-based small business and 60% started with less than $50,000 in start-up investment. Small Business

For a list of small businesses in the County, go the .

If you want more small business information or if you are an entrepreneur and want help with starting a business, contact:

  • (919) 715-7272

  • (252) 823-5166 ext. 220

  • (919) 250-4314

  • (252) 442-8364

  • (252) 446-0323

  • (252) 823-7241
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